Safe Harbor Training Videos

In 2015, Lutheran Social Service/StreetWorks received funding from the MN Department of Human Services O.E.O for the specific purpose of providing training to homeless youth providers and outreach workers on identifying and working with sexually exploited youth. The videos and resources below are the first in a series of trainings that have been presented to Youth Outreach Workers and Youth Serving Agencies. Please check back ongoing updates and training resources, including the new LSS/StreetWorks curriculum which will be completed in 2017.

Safe Harbor/No Wrong Door Overview Training – 1

Summary: In 2011, Minnesota became the fifth state in the nation to pass Safe Harbor legislation decriminalizing prostitution charges for youth under the age of 18. Through a statewide multidisciplinary collaborative process, Minnesota developed one of the most comprehensive models

Sexual Exploitation & Outreach to Youth Training – 2

Summary: Sexual Exploitation & Outreach to Youth — identifying and understanding the various forms of exploitation, common recruitment methods, warning signs/indicators – with a specific focus on safely working with youth to identify and address needs.

De-escalation Best Practices Training – 3

Summary: Environmental and situational factors play as important a role in a crisis as the actions of the participants, and the proper response to a crisis must reflect both the actions of the person in crisis and those other factors.

Reaching out to Wounded Youth with a Trauma-Informed Approach Training – 4

Summary: This training session will cover childhood trauma, the neurobiological, emotional and behavioral impact of trauma on youth and what this means in the day to day work of people who provide service for youth. We will also discuss the

Healthy Professional Boundaries Training – 5

Summary: This training will teach boundaries with the intention of using those boundaries to create healthy professional relationships between workers, their clients and their partners.

Motivational Interviewing Training – 6

Summary: The spirit of motivational interviewing is designed to respectfully engage in collaborative conversations that help others to explore the possibility of change in their lives. This training will address the principals of motivational interviewing and harm reduction. We will

Vicarious Trauma and Self Care Practical Strategies Training – 7

Summary: This training will unpack what chronic or toxic stress, vicarious trauma and burnout does to our human and organizational systems, how to recognize it, and provide practical tools and tips to create more resiliency in the sector.

Intersectionality & Cultural Capacity Part I Training – 8

Summary:  We are not monolithic. “According to an intersectionality perspective, inequities are never the result of single, distinct factors. Rather, they are the outcome of intersections of different social locations, power relations and experiences” Olena Hankivsky, PhD. There are many